Tithes & Gifts

Tithes & Gifts

There is a lot of confusion around the topic of tithing. 
Is it really 10%? And is that based on net or gross income? Those technical details probably aren’t the key takeaway from Jesus teaching. Rather, we think He wanted us to understand that tithing was not instituted for God’s benefit, but for our benefit. God doesn’t need our money.

So why does He ask us to give a tithe to Him? It is to teach us how to keep God first in our lives and how to be unselfish people. Unselfish people make better husbands, wives, friends, relatives, employees and employers. God is trying to teach us how to prosper over time. daveramsey.com

Giving is a reminder to ourselves of who owns our gifts and resources. Giving is an act of praise and worship. Dave Ramsey also mentions that giving is a way of engaging in spiritual warfare - Malachi 3:11. 

The more we give, the more our heart is shaped like Christ’s. God is a giver – John 3:16. We are happiest and most fulfilled when we are serving and giving. 


  • Offering Buckets-every Sunday during the service, we pass the buckets as a way for the congregation to give to the church using cash or check made out to "Federated Fellowship".
  • Offering Box-In the back of the church, there is a box dedicated to receiving similar gifts as the offering buckets in case you miss them on Sunday morning or are not able to attend and want to drop some money in during the week.
  • Electronically
    • Online Bill Pay: Most banks now offer free online bill pay or pay-a-person. This can be a one-time transaction or it can be set up as an automatic, recurring donation. Simply enter Federated Fellowship Church as the person you wish to pay. The bank takes care of writing and mailing the checks at no cost to you or the church.
    • PayPal: Similarly, you can use your PayPal account to make a donation. This can be accessed by the Donate Online link our website, or simply login to your PayPal account and set up the transaction through Send & Request and use the email address, paypal@federatedfellowship.com
      Please note PayPal will deduct a 3% transaction fee for using their services.
  • Donate through stocks & mutual funds or RMDs:
    • Stock and Mutual Funds: If securities have been held for more than one year and are gifted directly to Federated Fellowship, the donor receives a tax deduction equal to the appreciated value of the security and the unrealized capital gain is not taxable.   
    • RMDs: If you are over age 70.5 and are taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), you are able to request that it be sent directly to Federated as a gift. The distribution is counted towards your RMD, but it is not added to your income for the year.
  • AmazonSmile- Federated is now one of the charitable organizations that you can support through the AmazonSmile program. Through AmazonSmile Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Using AmazonSmile while you shop is a great way to donate to Federated Fellowship.