Forum for Biblical Instruction

Forum for Biblical Instruction

Welcome to Federated's Forum for Biblical Instruction!


Why this forum?

The first article in Federated Fellowship's Statement of Faith reads: "(We believe) the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God, and the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Federated's foundation is only as firm as our grasp on God's Word. As our elders prayerfully consider how we might contribute to the growth of God's Kingdom, one thing is certain; we need teachers who have a heart for and a handle on the Bible. Good teaching is like building a house. The work goes better when we have the right tools. The purpose of this forum is to equip you with some of the essential tools needed to begin or enhance your teaching ministry.

Who is this forum for?

•  Bible Study/Small Group Leaders

•  Those possessing the *spiritual gift of teaching

•  Those responsible for leading family devotions

•  Anyone wanting to learn how to study their Bible more effectively

*If you don't know if you possess this gift, we highly recommend you enroll in our next GPS (Gifts, Passion, Style) class to find out!


We have purposefully not labeled this a class. Why? Because classes sometimes evoke images of a one-sided delivery of information from lecturer to student. And while this can be an effective means of delivering information, it doesn't allow for extensive Q&A, practicing newly acquired skills, or tapping the accumulated experience of the people in the room. We hope to incorporate all of that and more! Each session of this forum will consist roughly of:

•  The introduction of a new "tool" for your teaching ministry

•  Example of the tool's importance using a proof text from the Bible

•  Discussion of how the tool can be applied

•  Practice applying the tool using an actual passage being covered by one of the teaching ministries represented in the room (and free crowdsourcing of your prep work if you happen to be teaching that week!)

•  Q&A

•  A challenge/assignment to use the tool prior to our next session


We will meet monthly for two very important reasons:

1.    We don't want to place any undue burden on your time as you continue to serve in other ministries.

2.    The best learning happens when have an opportunity to immediately apply what we have just learned. We want you to try out your new "teaching tool" for a few weeks before we move on to the next one.