J14: Adoptive/Fostering/Kinship Families

J14: Adoptive/Fostering/Kinship Families
J14 is based from the verse in John 14:18 which says, "I will not leave you as orphans. I will come for you." As Christ commands us to care for these children as He cares for us, we'd like to come alongside and encourage those families who are participating in that mission. There is also a huge need for prayer warriors for these families and children. Here are the ways you can get involved!
Contact: Scarlett Ford, 641-204-1490

Meet: Adoptive/Fostering/Kinship/Respite Care families (J14 families) can meet each other at various events (stay tuned to the church calendar). This will allow stories to be shared, faces to put names to, and friendships to begin amongst similar stories and hearts for the children who need homes and have found them here within our church families.

Give: Those who would like to help care with the J14 families can give donations of money, diapers, formula, gift cards, personal hygeine items, and more so that we can help supply their needs. Many times fostering families don't receive much notice for their placements, so we'd like to have these items and meals on hand for them. The J14 table is located in the sitting room in the foyer. 

Support: If you'd like to babysit for a J14 couples night out, you can support the families in this way! You can also support families by writing encouraging cards, notes, emails, and more. Support can also include bringing a meal to these families as a surprise or as needs arise. If you'd like to support those looking to adopt, connect with families through Matt & Stacey Borst's organization, Village to Village, In't. If you'd like to raise support for your adoptions via Village to Village, Int'l, you can fill out an application!  

Pray: J14 families need constant prayer as they adjust their families for adoption, fostering, or kinship situations/placements. We need to cover them in love and prayer as they embark on this journey! If you're interested in being on the J14 prayer email list, please sign up here
Submit J14 prayer requests or praises here.
J14 is a branch of our Meet The Needs ministry here at Federated. 
J14 is a ministry with adoptive, fostering, and kinship families who are shining Christ's redemption and love.